TFOT: A President for Our Times

My 4th Sunday Teachings for our Times lesson this month was to summarize the talks presented at the 2008 General Conference by our newly sustained Prophet, President Thomas S Monson. I found all of the talks at this year’s conference to be uplifting, enriching, energizing and definitely though-provoking. President Monson’s main talk, “Looking Back, Moving Forward” provided an eloquent structure to remind the brethren what a remarkable, service-driven life he has lived while looking ahead to (potentially) some themes that may become hallmarks of his Presidency: faith and family.

Click on the link to view or download the powerpoint file with the lesson (on the notes pages):

General Conference Talks by President Thomas Monson

Homework this month: Find a talk from the Conference that motivates you and email a link to a less active or lapsed member or friend not of our faith (the Conference talks are on as well as youtube). Add 5-10 lines of your personal testimony with the link explaining why you think they might find it interesting to watch. Let them know it won’t take more than 10 minutes of their time. When you’ve done the homework, add a note to the comments and let us know how it went.

One thought on “TFOT: A President for Our Times

  1. Isaiah 29 is referencing the vanishment of those forces fighting against Jerusalem as we see with Sennacherib’s forces in 37:33-37 of Isaiah. This was also a foreshadowing of the second coming of Jesus Christ and in verses 17-24 is another description of life in the millennial kingdom at the time of the New Heaven and New Earth. Verse 13 is particularly warning as God as addressing His comment to those that honor Him with their lips and speak of Him with their mouths yet they worship God in vain because none of this was from their hearts. The teachings they were worshipping from were from rules made of men not God.

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