Book of Mormon Challenge: Through The Eyes of the Bad Guys

2015 Book of Mormon Challenge #BOMC for the Month of May: Through the eyes of the Bad Guys

Nephi Lehi Tree of Life BOM

Let me explain –  I’ve read The Book of Mormon many times now…journaled, prayed, looked for answers, even memorized bits of it. And over the past couple of months, I’ve been reading my friend Dennis Gaunt’s inspiring book, Bad Guys of the Book of Mormon, which I HIGHLY recommend.

Like peppermint lotion for tired minds, the “Bad Guys” book has re-energized my personal study of the Book of Mormon. Why? Because I always identified more with Laman or Lemuel than Nephi or Lehi…or Sariah. Even if I don’t speak out loud, the murmuring will zip through by brain in response to unpleasant events (complaining, sarcasm, questioning everything).

And it only gets worse as they are forced to abruptly flee from their comfortable life of privilege for the blistering hot wilderness of a desert. If I mentallly put my family in their shoes, and we had to trek from Wisconsin to Salt Lake City in the summer months, believe me – I would be leading the ‘murmuring’ and refining it into an art-form.

Then, after 2 weeks of walking, sleeping rough, bugs, hunger and misery, we reach Iowa where we stay at a real hotel for a few days. Suddenly we are told to return to Wisconsin for some books?! Let’s just say my story would have a vastly different ending than 1 Nephi and leave it there.

Dennis brings the “Bad Guys” to life through his engaging wit as a storyteller, relevant comparisons he makes with pop culture, quotes from modern Apostles and a thorough examination of the actions, character and outcomes of the enemies of Christ (which is what the Book of Mormon has been put on earth to help us do) to help us see the lessons they didn’t learn that we can apply immediately into our own lives.

I’m using it as a study guide during the May 2015 Book of Mormon Challenge. As we read about Lehi’s dream a few nights ago, my entire family (ranging from 8 years to nearly 80) we spent hours talking about “What happens inside the great and spacious building” (referencing the vintage Las Vegas ad campaign) and how those living inside it can be easily duped into thinking they are being inclusive when exactly the opposite is happening in reality.

We’re starting the ‘Yearbook of Omni’ tonight loads of enemies with relevant life lessons they never learned…looking forward to more laughing and learning with my family

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